The Labor Justice Committee (Comité de Justicia Laboral, or CJL) is a grassroots organization started during the summer of 2009 to combat the rampant wage theft in El Paso.  Its members hold weekly meetings that are open to any community member who has been a victim of wage theft, and/or is interested joining the fight for labor justice.

Instead of filing claims with governmental authorities that do not respond or hiring attorneys whose bill is more than the wage claim itself, the committee uses community pressure (including phone calls, letters, delegations, and candlelight vigils) to fight wage and hour violations in the region.  The Committee is the only one of its kind in the region and includes approximately 23 trained leaders (“promotores”) who create strategies to force employers to sit down and negotiate payment of back wages.  This community-based model ensures Committee members have the knowledge, confidence, and courage to raise their voices against wage theft.

The CJL is supported by Paso del Norte Civil Rights Project.

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