Spring 2012 Labor Rights and Leadership Training

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As if the Susaki news weren’t enough, we recently held our Bi-annual Labor Rights and Leadership Training.  This training, given by Committee members themselves, gives newer members the knowledge and hopefully confidence they need to be “promotores”.  In the model we use, promotores are the ones who call employers, plan vigils, talk to the press, and create effective case strategies that continue escalating the pressure against employers until they pay the wages they owe.

The training, which lasted all day, ended with a interactive role-playing game in which the newly trained promotores acted out a case from beginning (intake interview with a new worker) to middle (creating a case strategy, going to the police, talking to the press, preparing and carrying out a protest) to end (winning unpaid wages!)

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Before we left for the day, we had a fantastic discussion regarding what we can do to ensure the Committee continues to grow and move forward in the most effective way possible.  We have already started implementing these changes and we’re excited to see where our new (and old) promotores take us!


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