Presentation of Petitions to the El Paso City Council

We will be presenting all of our petitions and organizational support letters to City Council on during their meeting on Tuesday, November 29.  Remember, even though the District Attorney’s office, the El Paso Police Department, and the El Paso Sheriff’s Office have said they will be starting to prosecute wage theft criminally, not all wage theft cases will be appropriate for criminal prosecution.  If we don’t push the City of El Paso to pass a civil ordinance against wage theft, many workers will still have no where to turn to recover their unpaid wages and the epidemic will continue.

Several members of the Coalition met with City Council members last week and received verbal support from several members. Rep. Susie Byrd will be presenting a resolution to the Council on Nov. 29 recognizing wage theft as a problem and committing the City to create local remedies to resolve the problem and we will speak during the public comment period of that resolution.

We are requesting your presence during the City Council meeting to show the City Council just how much the El Paso community is in favor of this ordinance!

What: Presentation of Petitions and Open Letters in support of the ordinance against wage theft

Date: Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Time: 9:00 am

Where: City Council Meeting (2 Civic Center Plaza)


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