Petitions to the City Council

Update – December 1, 2011
The petitions were given to the El Paso City Council on November 29th.  Thanks to your help, we were able to give them over 5,000 petitions signed by a broad spectrum of members of the El Paso community!

We are writing today to ask your assistance.  As we have mentioned again and again, wage theft in El Paso is an epidemic, but our government is failing us.  Very few government organizations exist that can help workers recover unpaid wages and the few that do exist either don’t respond to complaints or don’t have the resources to resolve complaints in a timely fashion.

The Coalition against Wage Theft, a coalition of local organizations, was recently formed to demand that the City of El Paso pass an ordinance against wage theft.  This Coalition includes the Labor Justice Committee, Paso del Norte Civil Rights Project, Border Network for Human Rights, the Diocese of El Paso, El Paso Building and Construction Trades Council, and Annunciation House, just to include a few.

Cities across the country are passing similar ordinances and it can be done in El Paso too.  But we need your support.  As we continue trying to convince our City Council members that the acts of unscrupulous employers are not welcome in our community, we are asking you to sign the Coalition against Wage Theft’s petitions (in English and Spanish).

We will be delivering these petitions to the City Council in mid-November.  With your signature, we can show the City Council that it’s not just the Labor Justice Committee or the Coalition against Wage Theft that’s fighting against wage theft, but rather that the El Paso community as a whole is demanding that the city take action against this crime wave.

If you’d like printer friendly versions of these petitions, you can find them here: (English and Spanish).

If your organization would like to sign on, please do not hesitate to let us know at

As always,  if you are interested in being an active part of these efforts, please let us know!  Over the next several months, we will be meeting with El Paso’s elected officials.  They need to hear how wage theft and lack of enforcement affects your organization and the people with whom you work.

Finally, keep watching this space for an exciting announcement regarding this year’s National Day of Action Against Wage Theft!


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