Bi-Annual Leadership Training

Twice a year, we offer a leadership training for anyone interested in becoming a promotor and/or becoming a more active Committee member. Thanks to our facilitators and all of the participants, which included Committee members as well as Claudia Diaz and other members of Border Network for Human Rights, our most recent training was our best ever!

Rosa Chavez and Rosa Chavez, below the agreements and responsibilities that governed our day

The day included a review of wage and hour law, a discussion about the different steps we can take to recover unpaid wages and the advantages and disadvantages of each one, an opportunity to practice advocating on behalf of someone else, a presentation on how to respond to immigration and police, and a role-playing game where members were given a sample wage-theft case and were asked to create and carry out a strategy to recover the wages.

Role playing! "Workers" Ruben and Eric, talking to "employer" Lidia Cruz

The day ended with a discussion on what it means to organize, and how we can continue growing and getting stronger.  Thanks to Committee member Rosa Chavez and her family, we also ate delicious breakfast burritos and enchiladas!

A big thanks to our facilitators Gabriela Barraza, Rosa Chavez, Lidia Cruz, Aurelio Rangel, Shalini Thomas, and Josefina Torres, and Chris Benoit and Alyssa Telander with Paso del Norte Civil Rights Project for making the day a big success!

Facilitators Aurelio Rangel, Lidia Cruz, Josefina Torres, and Rosa Chavez


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