Committee Members Testify for Change!

Committee member Lidia Cruz recently testified before officials from the Department of Justice, the State Department, the Department of Homeland Security, and others, about the Department of Labor’s failure to take action in her wage theft case.

Federal, state, and local officials gathered at the Camino Real on Monday to hear testimony from human rights advocates and members of the public.  The event was organized by Border Network for Human Rights, who invited representatives from organizations around the US and Mexico, including  Colonias Development Council in Las Cruces, Human Borders in Tuscon, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services in Washington, D.C., El Paso Sheriff Richard Wiles, and Centro de los Derechos del Migrante in Zacatecas.  This event was one of 6 listening sessions that are occurring around the United States to  gauge the state of human rights. Information from these sessions will contribute to the UN Universal Periodic Review.

During the Economic Justice Panel, our own Lidia Cruz was invited to speak about her experiences with the Department of Labor, and what she saw as their failure to act on her case.  As she said, “I took my case to the Department of Labor to recover 6 months of unpaid wages, among other issues.  Because of the statue of limitations, I was losing money every week they didn’t act.  Nonetheless, after waiting almost 3 months, the only response I received was a letter saying they hadn’t assigned an investigator to my case yet.”

Lidia Cruz, next to Paso del Norte Civil Rights Project attorney Chris Benoit

Congratulations Lidia, and a big thanks to Border Network for Human Rights for organizing the event!

For more information, see the BNHR website.


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